SurfNRG Tour 02

Boxelder performing at the Ketch in Beach Haven, NJ.


Leadman Bryce showing off his moves at the Ketch.

Doorway 27 busting out some tunes that are featured on the soundtrack to Solar Energy video.

Doorway 27 lighting it up at the Freebird in Jax.

Boxelder performing at Kefi's in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Good Ol' Georgia boys showing off their new Smith hats after swappin' out tires on the SurfNRG RV.

Traci from Frisco was the lucky winner of WRV Surfboard at the Attic above Watermans in Va. Beach during the ECSC.

Sergi Ventura showing off in front of his local Va. Beach crowd at the Philips Skate Ramp during the ECSC.

Last Years touring band DLD jammed at the Heritage Pro.

Boxelder raggaeing at the Heritage Memorial in NJ

Cindy Welsh and Jamie Heritage enjoying the Fosters.


World Famous Photographer Les Walker showing off his broken camera gear after an unfortunate mishap.

We were hoping the tour venues were a blowout but not literally. Blowout #1 along I-95 Cocoa.



Not so lovely "attire" that weren't apart of the t-shirt give-a-ways. Blowout #2 north of the Florida/Georgia border.

Sterling Spencer lip syncing in SOLAR ENERGY..


Jeremy Saukel's screen room in SOLAR ENERGY.

All Photo's Copyright Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.