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After taking a quick nap in the shade Kelly hoped back in for a late afternoon 'play' session with not even a remote thought of point ratings or sponsor obligations. It's all good!

How many times has Kech thrown it on a rail like this back home at Sebastian's 3rd Peak? This time the water's bluer and there's not a hint of crowd - except for the schooling sharks below.

Without knowledge of the local waters there are great possiblities for serious consequences as proof to the many ships that have succumbed to the raging seas and shallow reefs along the island chain. Kechele whacks it one more time on his backhand with the shallow reef beckoning below.

Kechele is no stranger to the Bahamas although this was Kech's first encounter at Creatures.

Kyle Cohn demonstrates why somethings are best kept a secret.

The Champ cuttin' corners in an aqua arena (photo featured as a spread in Surfer Magazine 1999 Collectors Issue).

This shot looks like Kelly couldn't wait for the plane to land so he jumped out with his board as we circled over the waves below.

Slatz bustin' out backside at another reef pass along the chain.

Kyle Cohn takes a short flight from his South Florida homeland to enjoy the solitude of Creatures Reef.

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