First Place: Dean Randazzo
Second Place: Todd Morcom
Equal Third: Peter Hill and Mark Holder
Equal Fifth: Asher Nolan, Peter Mendia, Renell Fernandez and David Spier.
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Finalists Dean Randazzo and Todd Morcom pose for the Awards.

A clean pre-contest warm up with Randazzo.

Dean showing championship form prior to the event.

Morcom's addiction to Soup Bowl is evident by his tube riding ability.

Morc speeding his way to 2nd place.

The Boss of Bathsheba, Mark Holder, made the semi¹s.

Mark Holder and Todd Holland.

Anderson "Hoggie"Mayers snaps while waving to his local fans.

Peter Hill and Mark Holder were the highest placed Bajans in the event.

Quarter finalist Asher Nolan bustin'out during a free surf session.

Renell Fernandez was the highest placed Puerto Rican..

David Speir fell victim to Holder in the quarters.

Color commentary was given by Hunter ³The Mouth from the South² Joslin.

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Here¹s proof that even a monkey can do my job.

Todd Holland Œs board caddy.

Melanie Welch from Bajan Surf Bungalos was the only girl to surf the event.

Local veteran and stylist ³The Snake².

World renowned batik artist John C. Mayers in his Bathsheba studio.

Local surfer/businessman Smokey.

Bajan beauties lined the beach.

Barbados Surfing Federation President Alan Burke.

The beautiful Edgewater Hotel overlooking Soup Bowl in Bathsheba on the East Coast.

We recommend staying here!


Matt Beechem temporarily relocated to Barbados to study Theology at Codrington College. The course coincided with a lesson in Soup Bowl 101.

The sunset on the west coast of Barbados.