Hawaii 2004
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to be featured in the upcoming DVD "Energy Crisis" available soon.

A jubilant Jamie O'Brien raises the trophy to one of
the most prestigeous events in the surfing world - the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters.


Jamie comboed all three other competitors totally dominating the finals with Bruce, Sunny and Kalani.

Bruce Irons gets swarmed by autograph seekers after blowing up in his semi-final heat.

We're all happy to see Bruce Irons requalify for the WCT for next year. But will he ever become World Champ?

Former World Champ and Pipeline specialist CJ Hobgood taking a rather casual stroll through the line at Pipe.

The only think missing in CJ's reportoire was surfing with his twin brother Damien who missed the North Shore season due to shoulder surgery.

Cory Lopez shined at Pipe again this year making the semi's with Slater.

Kelly Slater was stoked to see that his fellow East Coaster Cory Lopez requalified for the WCT in 2005.

Sunny Garcia won his 6th Triple Crown title! Not bad for a self proclaimed "Old Fart".

All eyes on Slater as he approaches the shorebreak at Waimea. Eddie would go, so would Slater..,

Local Hawaiian and WRV team rider Mark Healy knows the ins and outs of Pipe as well as any of the top WCT pro's.


Wolf Pack top dog Kala totally charging Backdoor on a howling offshore day.

Tom Curren jamming at Pipe.


He who sits out back furthest catches the biggest set waves. This one goes to local WRV guy Aamion Goodwin.


Tamayo Perry taking the full elevator drop at Pipe.



Another close to an incredible day at the Banzai Pipeline.

All Photo's Copyright Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.