(click on photo's for larger image) video teasers coming soon.

to be featured in the upcoming DVD "Energy Crisis" available soon.

The Day of Days? April 17, 2005. Is this the
heaviest wave ever ridden on the East Coast?
You tell us if you've seen anything knarlier
and if so forward the photo or video evidence.


Matt Kechele from a video frame grab that'll be
a highlight to the upcoming NRG CRISIS dvd
available soon.

The same day as Kech's wave but later on in the
day. Unfortunately the conditions weren't very
suitable for shooting stills. Here's a rare moment
when the sun popped out.

The Baron of South Florida scored some heavy
barrels the same day. CJ, Baron and Kech all
agreed it was the heaviest day they've ever seen on the East Coast.

Quick Harold, start the engine!!! A couple of die
hard fishermen reeling in more than their empty lines. Feb 2005.

While most people are hidding underneath
their blankets avoiding the brisk temps of a
South Florida cold front Peter Mendia finds
the covers of a liquid kind more to his liking.
Feb. 2005

Shea Lopez's one milliionth aerial. He's got 'em wired.

Shea Lopez screeching through a high speed cutty..

Jeremy Saukel scoring some clean overhead blue walls.

Saukel throwing a load backside powerturn.

Local Palm Beach elitist Peter Mendia flyin
higher than the taxes in his neighborhood


Shea Lopez laying down a World Class track in Jupiter.

Eric Taylor driving south in reverse.


Carlos Deloma, aka Bam Bam, is back in town.


South Beach local Ron Keindel is into bowling -
and we ain't talking just lanes.



South Beach Miami before the mega crowds
and topless models appear.

All Photo's Copyright Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.